Blog Tour Testimonials

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Here’s what some of our past clients have said about our blog tours:

“Thank you so much to the pair of you for all your wonderful hard work.  The additional email addresses is a real bonus for me and after checking the sales of PPK in comparison to the others on my backlist I probably sold about fifty more copies than I would have expected during the blog tour time frame and I can put that down to the hard work you did with the tour. I am really, really impressed. The results for me were far better than any other tour I’ve done in the past.” –Lisa Oliver

“I hired Scott and Mark for a nearly impossible job-to promote a paperback compilation of four books that had been previously published and reviewed. I didn’t expect much since the promotion group I’d used for those books had done a pretty comprehensive job. However, Scott and Mark surprised me. Not only did they get reviews for the compilation but I sold copies of the paperback. Would I recommend them to other authors? Absolutely! Since they could get interest and coverage for books that have been previously promoted, I can’t wait to see what they can do when my new books come out.” –Pat Henshaw

“…both books went back into the bestsellers top 5 at Pride Publishing for a week, which is unusual for older releases.” LM Somerton